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It has been a process in which we have all been involved. We have been 50 years collaborating together. Years of constant evolution aimed to achieve our goals of being able to deliver an integral service, guaranteeing material quality, a high technical knowledge and a flawless logistic management always adapting to the needs of our customers.

Since 1973 when Carlos Parro Sen founded SIDSA we have been supplying pipes,  valves, flanges, fittings and other ad hoc pieces for the chemical, petrochemical, gas, nuclear, thermal, combined cycle and thermosolar power plants, naval construction, together with the food and water industry sectors.

We are entering in a new era with the firm determination of improving in our day to day, aspiring to be the perfect partner to rely on.


Innovative vision aimed at the client

Focused in your project needs we face our daily work as a challenge, encouraging ourselves to make use of our creativity and knowledge to connect with the future of the market. We work closely with our clients so that we can offer the best possible service at every time.


Big or Small sized projects? We can adapt.

SIDSA has been participating during the last 50 years in different EPC projects throughout the world supplying piping and fittings. Our backbone is built on: flexibility, quality, service, competitive prices and a high efficiency managing the deliveries on time.


Innovation and technology. Warehouse and laboratory

SIDSA supplies pipes, flanges, valves, fittings, ad hoc pieces and miscellaneous under ASTM and EN manufacturing standards. There are more than 5000 references in our warehouses subject to the highest quality standards.

Involved in recent technological developments

sidsa h2p

SIDSA H2P has been developed to adapt to the needs of the latest flourishing projects related to “GREEN HYDROGEN” and the production, storage, transport and distribution of this “new” energy vector.

We adapt to your needs, let's talk?