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As a company dedicated to participating in engineering projects in the field of the generation of renewable and sustainable energy sources, Sidsa is at the forefront of the challenges facing society today, with global warming being the most important challenge to be addressed in the coming years.

Aware of the importance of reducing the impact of energy consumption on the environment, in 2022 we decided to opt for renewable energy for the company’s day-to-day operations. To this end, we proceeded to install photovoltaic panels at our Alcobendas facilities, relying on this clean and inexhaustible source that brings us closer to sustainability.

To this end, Sidsa has applied to participate in the “Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan” financed with European Funds. There are currently 30 solar panels in operation in our Madrid office.

Being aware of the importance of our decisions to protect the environment is nowadays indispensable and decisive in helping to raise awareness of the importance of caring for our planet.

Harnessing solar energy to generate electricity promotes cooperative and social consumption, and Spain is an ideal country for implementing this resource. We have achieved to reduce electricity consumption and become self-sufficient by more than 40%.

With this and other measures, we will continue on the road to achieving the lowest possible consumption of conventional energy, something that is everyone’s responsibility and which begins with these kind of actions.